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The After Burn Effect, cara efektif bersenam and more fat energy will use..

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wbt,
Aku rasa artikel ni sangat bermanfaat untuk siapa yg hendak kurus dengan kadar yg cepat.hehe. Tapi apa yang penting maintain healthy lifestyle dan dengan keadaan sihat yg Allah kurniakan kita boleh menunaikan ibadah dengan sempurna.insyaAllah.
Artikel ni berkaitan dengan 'The After Burn Effect Workout'. Selalunya kita akan exercise tanpa ada guideline menyebabkan fat loss is less. So, After Burn Effect ni adalah cara yang efektif untuk bakar lemak dengan cepat. Caranya? apabila kita bersenam dengan mengikut cara afterburn effect ni, ia akan menyebabkan fat energy will burn after 48 hours and muscle build up akan terbentuk. So that, banyak lemak akan terbakar dengan exercise mengikut AfterBurn effect technique ni..So, berikut adalah After burning effect guidelines:
Fasted workouts for fat loss
If you eat before you workout you will burn food energy not fat energy during your workout. Basically, eating before a workout gets in the way of burning body fat during the workout. Plus…eating releases insulin, which interferes with your body’s ability to burn body fat.  The key is to not eat anything 4-5 hours before your workout.
Your energy will sky-rocket
When fasting the body’s fight or flight response is triggered (the Sympathetic Nervous System) maximizing the body’s energy system. When it’s in gear, the body is in its most energy-producing phase, and that’s when the most energy comes from fat burning.”
Eating before a workout decreases energy
If you eat, what will happen is you will shut down the body’s energy system and trigger the Para Sympathetic Nervous System. The PSNS will make you sleepy, slow and less resistant to fatigue and stress. Instead of spending energy and burning fat, your body will be more geared toward storing energy and gaining fat.”
A low intensity workout doesn’t utilize the afterburn effect
What I see a lot of the time is people not taking their workout serious enough. Walking on the treadmill just isn’t going to cut it if fat loss is your goal. You need to push your body to where you are breathing really hard and sweating like crazy if you want the afterburn effect.
Too High of intensity is bad as well
To me the biggest problem with too high of an intensity is what Brad Pilon calls the Activity Sine Wave. If your workout is to hard and intense, you are very likely to “overcompensate” by resting more than normal after your workout. You shouldn’t need extra rest from a workout. Working out and then sitting on the couch all day is not a great fat loss strategy.
The “HGH Flush” is what your looking for
The “hgh flush” is when your skin gets red and hot to the touch. Remember running lines in PE class in high school when your teacher would push you and your skin felt like it was on fire. This is the HGH flush which is an indicator that your metabolism will be increased after your workout and that your body will release a bit more HGH than normal (your body’s fat burning hormone).
Putting it all together
Find a workout that creates the afterburn effect…..intervals, circuits, supersets. Train in a fasted state to make sure you are getting the best possible fat burning workout. And also remember to find the right intensity or “sweet spot”. Put all this together and you will blast through that fat in no time.


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